Luna Dining Table

Sustainably crafted in solid bamboo, the Luna dining table’s eye-catching style is a salute to minimalist design. Luna’s simple geometric shape displays an apex base with softly rounded legs tapering upwards, thoughtfully crafted to allow for comfortable leg room.

 With the strength and simplicity we love, Luna’s shapely base creates an elegant silhouette, while the nature-inspired Wheat finish gives the table a light contemporary look. Ideal for today’s home, the Luna table easily seats four to six, creating a natural gathering space for family, guests, and workmates alike.

 Sustainable and earth friendly, Wheat finish is not a surface stain, the color is the result of an innovative process using heat, steam, and pressure to transform the solid bamboo material into Wheat’s variety of tones. The environmentally safe finish displays a beautiful grain pattern with continuous color throughout the material. Variations in grain and color enrich the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in bamboo shade colors are signs that the furniture is crafted from solid bamboo and considered a benchmark of quality.

 Crafted in 100% solid Moso bamboo, a sustainable and rapidly renewable building material; and made in an ISO 14001 Environment Management certified facility, your purchase of this environmentally friendly bamboo product helps support forests and ecosystems worldwide.

 Discover the expert craftsmanship packed into each piece of Greenington bamboo furniture. Greenington furniture is made using an earth friendly, renewable resource harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests.

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